Losing a pet

I was a bit unsure of whether or not to post this but I decided to anyway because I hope that some of you will be able to relate. It’s been almost a month since my cat, Jasper, passed away and I decided to write a blog post on how I’ve dealt with losing a pet and in the hope that someone reading this has been through the same thing. Before I get onto my story, I’ll give you a little bit of info about Jasper and some cute lil photos.

P1060070.JPG  P1060107

When I was about 9, one of our family friend’s cats had four little kittens, so we would go and visit them most weeks after school and I was secretly hoping that my mum would give in to getting me one, so basically long story short otherwise we’ll be here forever I brought home my favourite little kitten and named him Jasper.

IMG_1680.JPG  P1060085

He was always perfectly healthy and the sweetest little cat and he had never shown any signs of having anything wrong. However, about a month ago, my Dad had come home to find him lying on the floor. This wasn’t unusual as he used to quite happily sleep on the floor but when my Dad stroked him his back legs didn’t seem to be responding and after a few minutes it was clear that he couldn’t stand up.

IMG_2996.JPG  IMG_2999

After taking him to the vets we discovered that he had a condition called Saddle Thrombus, which is a blot clot that forms in the heart and part of it travels through the body and blocks the blood flow from getting to the back legs. We tried to give him medication but he wasn’t responding and his heart rate just kept increasing so it was only fair for us to put him down so he was no longer suffering.


It was a big shock to me and my family as we’d never heard of Saddle Thrombus and the vets always said that he was healthy, but he wouldn’t have shown any signs of the disease before. It could have occurred at any point in his life so, in a way, we’re lucky that he got to spend six lovely years with us.

When I found out what had happened I was heartbroken as Jasper was my first pet. For the first couple of hours, it didn’t seem real and I kept thinking that the vets would call to say that everything was all right but that didn’t happen. The first couple of days are definitely the hardest but it’s ok to just let your emotions out and everyone deals with it differently.


I think that losing Jasper has definitely made me more grateful for my other pets and not to take things for granted because you don’t realise how much someone means to you until they’re gone.

I didn’t want to write a whole essay about this even though I already have but I just wanted to share something a bit more personal with you and I’ve never shared any pictures of Jasper on here and I thought they were too cute not to post.

Have any of you ever lost a pet? Please let me know!


Love Zoë x




15 thoughts on “Losing a pet

  1. I can completely relate to this post because i lost one of my rabbits back in March when she had an abscess and we had to put her down. It’s such an emotional time and like you said doesn’t really seem real at first. Hope you are doing okay xx

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    1. I’m doing a lot better now thank you. It’s horrible when you have to put your pet down because you can feel as though it’s you’re fault even though it’s what’s best for them. Hope you’re ok! xxx

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  2. I’m so so sorry for your loss 💕 I have been through 10+ pet losses , it’s the absolute worst. It gets better , trust me. All you need is time and then when you think of Jasper you won’t be sad or cry but you’ll think of all the happy , fun , cute and insanely adorable moments you had with him 🙂 🙏👼 RIP Jasper x

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    1. Oh no, I’m so sorry. Thank you for your advice, it’s not as hard to look back at pictures anymore so I think it will be a nice idea to make a little photo album to keep everything in one place. xxx

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  3. Oh my goodness girl! I feel so sorry for you & my heart breaks. He was so cute!!! I recently lost my dog suddenly to cancer that grew too fast 😔 I hope you can in time feel a bit better but I know it’s hard 💞💞💞💞💞

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    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, it’s such a hard time but at least she’s no longer suffering. I know exactly how you feel and hope that you’re feeling a bit better now. Hopefully, with time, you’ll be able to look back and just think of all the happy memories!💕💕xx


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