Chatty post & a holiday in Holland

Hi everyone!

It feels like so long since I’ve sat down and written a blog post so I just wanted to do a little update, chatty post as I haven’t been on WordPress very much over the last couple of months.

First of all, I’ve been super busy with exams as I had my first proper exam just before easter. I spent so much time on that, and it had to come as a priority so I decided to push blogging aside for a couple of weeks. Thankfully I don’t have anymore proper exams this year so I’m glad that it’s out of the way and hopefully I’ll now have some more spare time!

March was the first month that I didn’t do a favourites post because I was so busy with my exam right at the end of the month and I was also going on holiday a few days after. Most of my favourites were also the same as last month (you can check out that post here) although I have been loving the Formula Radiance Reveal Peel. I’ve also been getting a bit bored of favourites posts so I think I might give them a break for a while so I can focus on different blog posts – unless you would like me to continue doing them.

Lastly, I’ve recently been on holiday in Holland (or The Netherlands) so I thought I’d share a few photos with you. I had an amazing time and I think the country is really pretty!


These are a couple of cute houses that I saw that look over the canal.

IMG_2531.jpg  IMG_2602.jpg

These are a couple of photos that I took at Burgers’ Zoo you go there to see animals not burgers. It’s such a cool zoo and has an amazing aquarium, if you’re near it, I definitely recommend going there.


We also went to the Hans en Grietje Pancake House. This place is so cool – it’s like a magical fairytale pancake house based on the story of Hansel and Gretel. It’s amazing for little children too as some of the tables move to make it magical, and lots of things to play with inside and outside.

Also, I hope you all had an amazing easter, whether you spent it with family, friends, or just eating loads of chocolate!

Zoë x

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