December/January Favourites

It’s my first favourites post of the year, I hope you all had an amazing 2017 and 2018 is going great for you so far! I didn’t do a favourites post for December because I wanted to spend Christmas relaxing and spending time with my family so I thought that I would just wait and mix my December favourites in with my January favourites.


Treacle Moon True Shea Love Body Butter

I love Treacle Moon’s shower gels so I was so excited when I saw that they’d brought out these body butters. This body butter smells amazing, it’s really moisturising, it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy or sticky and it’s only £4! If you’ve never tried Treacle Moon before then I definitely recommend checking them out because they make really good products that are really cheap too!

Lush Show Fairy Shower Gel

Throughout December I’d been loving using Lush’s Snow Fairy shower gel (and I’ve just realised that this was in may last favourites post but oh well). It’s really Christmassy and the scent stays on your skin for ages (but it doesn’t smell too strong), which I really like.


Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream

This Soap & Glory hand cream (something else that I realised was in my favourites post last month) has been an essential in my bag throughout December because it’s been so cold and I don’t want my hands getting all dry and cracked. This hand cream doesn’t have a thin formula so it’s really moisturising. It’s also non-greasy and absorbs quickly because there’s nothing worse that trying to do things when you’re hands are all slippery from hand cream.

L’Oréal Fine Flowers Cleansing Milk

I got this cleansing milk in September but it never took the place of my cleansing water. Probably because the first time I tried to use it I put a load on a cotton pad and then put it straight onto my eye to try and remove my mascara, which meant that it started to sting. Anyway, a few months later (when I had learned not to use this on my eyes) I decided to try this out again. I really liked it this time and it’s stopped my skin from being so dry with all the cold weather.


Victoria’s Secret Spray ~ Velvet Petals

I love Victoria’s Secret sprays because they have so many amazing smells and they’re great to just mist over your body and this is one I’ve been loving over the last couple of months. First of all the bottle is really pretty (I mean come on what more could you want than a pink flowery design) and it smells so good! It’s quite a warm, cosy scent and it’s described as sexy-warm woods with a touch of cosy gourmand. To be honest if someone described that to me then I wouldn’t have a clue what they’re on about, but it’s always hard to describe scents!

Vanilla Cinnamon Brûlée candle

Sticking with the scents, I’ve been loving this candle over the last few months but I keep forgetting to put it in my favourites posts. I got it from Clinton’s reduced to about £3 and it’s about the same size as a full sized Yankee candle. Like it says, it smells like cinnamon and it smells so good, almost like gingerbread men but not too sweet and sickly.


Soap & Glory Archery Eyebrow Pencil

I really like Soap & Glory’s eyebrow products and I’d been using their Archery brow tint & pencil until the pencil end suddenly decided to break. So I thought that I would try out their pencil because that was the side that I used more. I really like this because the pencil is really small so you can be really precise when doing your eyebrows, and it comes with a spool which is super handy because mine broke!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

This concealer is one of the first concealers that I ever used but I never really liked it. I found that it could look quite orange and I didn’t blend that easily, but whether that was because I was new to makeup or not I don’t know. I decided to try this again recently and I’ve really liked it this time! It’s really cheap and I really like the coverage of it too, the only downside is that the packaging still rubs off but that doesn’t really matter.


I hope you enjoyed hearing about my favourites over the last few months and you’ve all had a great January! Have you tried any of these products? What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in February?

Zoë x

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